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Each garden project is unique to your needs, goals, and the space itself. Our projects often take form of several different paths:

     Clean Slate / design starting from a clean slate

     Revamp / full re-thinking of overgrown gardens
     Refresh / new perspective for weedy overgrown yards

There’s many elements that can help make up your outdoor living space — most of our projects include:

     planted garden areas
     walkways and paths
     seating zones
     containers and potted plants
     irrigation systems

Depending on your specific needs, we’d explore including new trees, hanging baskets, raised veggie beds, patios, or small lawns.

We’re based in Oakland with a focus on East Bay projects, but are open to projects throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. Don’t hesitate to say hello no matter where you are. We’re able to accommodate special projects in any location. Also, available for monthly or quarterly maintenance of existing gardens.

Let’s get in touch —  share your budget, timeline, and photos of your space to get started! 

The ideal project is one where we can help cultivate an on-going relationship to nature with you. We follow the garden through the design, installation, and maintenance phases. Here’s how our projects work:

1. Getting Started
 Quick phone call to make sure the project is a good fit for everyone.
 Design consult on-site to walk through the space together. We typically offer this design consult on a sliding scale of $75 to $125 for the hour.
 Estimate and proposal presented that breaks down the different phases and costs of your unique project.

2. Design
 Perform a detailed site survey and create base map of your space.
 Explore big picture concepts for your space including the goals, layout, texture, colors, themes, and styles. We present several different options accompanied by a series of reference images and inspiration photographs to help communicate these ideas. 
 During the design phase, we normally will meet several times to review and collect feedback.
 Once the overall concept is defined, we move into the details with a focus on specific varieties of plants, developing the materials palette, and irrigation plan.

3. Installation
 Cleaning up the site, removing weeds, and getting rid of any undesired elements.
 The project is installed based on the design plan. We work with other contractors and help project manage the process.
 We make sure your irrigation system is set up to keep your plants happy and healthy, and so you don’t have to worry about watering.

4. Maintenance
 Caring for your garden is part of the on-going design process as gardens are never finished and will always keep growing.
 We’re able to add new plants, remove weeds, trim back plants, and monitor the overall health of your garden throughout the seasons.

What can we expect to see through the design phase? We’re able to go through the design process in different arrangements based on your budget. The quick and dirty approach gets you awesome results with a bit less control over the specifics. Our full package includes multiple in-person meetings for feedback where we review detailed PDF files that walk through the designs. We can discuss the best approach for your type of project. 

What do garden projects typically cost?
Tough to say, since each project is unique! The design phase is based on a flat fee and the installation is based on an hourly estimate. For a ballpark idea, our total project budgets range from $2,500 to $20,000 including design, installation, materials, and plants. We’re mindful of making gardening accessible for everyone with different budgets, so don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can be scrappy to help get the job done. Keep in mind that your new garden will provide a return on investment throughout the course of it’s life, increase property value, and give back in unexpected ways.

What if we’re on a tight budget, just renting, or want to do it ourselves?
Sounds like you just need a bit of guidance to get started! We’re available for the following arrangements:
 garden coaching for troubleshooting specific problems and questions
 collaborative plant shopping so you have the confidence to go home to plant yourself
 on-site design consults to wrap your head around what options you have

How long do these type of projects take?
The design phase can take place over the course of a month, so that we’re able to have time to reflect and gather your feedback. We go through several rounds during this phase. Installation can take several weeks up to three months depending on the scale of the project and your schedule goals.

What type of people hire you for this work? Home owners,  families, renters, new couples, property managers, long time community members, and landlords are who we usually have relationships with.

What time of year is best to start working on a garden project together? Most times of year in the Bay Area are great to start thinking about your project. Getting started during the winter rainy season will provide lots of hydration for your plants and you’ll be ready to go for spending time outside come spring. While some plants prefer to be planted in different seasons, we can add those in later in the year at the appropriate time. Our planting designs take into account when certain plants bloom, so if it’s not the season when they have flowers we’ll still plant them in anticipation of the future.

What type of projects are you not interested in? We’re not interested in large lawns, topiary, super minimal gardens, manicured shrubs, spaces that are larger than an acre, and complex construction projects.

Let us know if you have any questions!

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are"
— Alfred Austin