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Video commission for Electric Objects exploring kinetic harmony through plants, 2016
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Plant Instructions zine, made for Gillman Zine Fest in Berkeley, 2016

School Garden Mural workshop at SF elementary school. 2016 and 2017 In collaboration with Hannah Perine Mode

The High Line Photographic Stud. A visual exploration of seasional shifts of Piet Oudolf’s planting designs, 2015.
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Plant Shadow Drawing. A series of drawings for The 100 Day Project, 2015. More on Instagram →

Sage Cutting Zine, for Gilman Zine Fest in Berkeley, 2016

Horticultural Film Fest. Brick oven pizza for Hort Club at Merritt College, 2016. In collaboration with Erica Schapiro-Sakashita

Plant Bath Time. An open source photo series, 2016. More on Instagram →