Ethan Bodnar

Garden Care

Custom to your specific garden and goals. You never truly finish a garden since the plants keep growing, your soil is breathing, the bees keep visiting, and the flowers come and go.

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How It Works

1. Email photos of your garden

2. Phone call to discuss budget, frequency, and your specific goals for the garden

3. Scheduled visits to take care of your garden

4. Email re-cap of what we've accomplished during each visit and anything interesting to keep your eye out for in the garden.

5. Receive invoice each month and pay through Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Messenger, Square Cash, or mailing check
Example Services

Adding proper soil amendments for certain plants

Checking in on the irrigation system for adjustments

Deadheading, pruning, and cutting back plants

Organic plant food when needed

Weeding, of course

Adding new plants to fill in gaps

Tidying up fallen leaves

Not your average lawn care service that mows and blows. 
Instead we’re focused on horticulture, design, and plants. Don’t worry, we can mow small lawns and clean up with an electric leaf blower with no gas emmissions. We don’t apply any weed killer or toxic fertilizers.