Ethan Bodnar

Yard Refresh

Get your yard cleaned up and some new plant friends to spend time with. Ideal for renters with low budgets and major clean ups for overgrown yards.

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How It Works

1. Email photos of your yard

2. Phone call to discuss budget and your specific goals for the garden

3. Quick site visit to walk through the space in-person

4. Contract signed with deposit

5. Project designed and installed in roughly a day or two depending on the size of the yard

6. On-going garden care available or instructions on how to care for the garden yourself
Quick + Dirty Design Process

The garden is still designed. Instead of presenting fancy PDFs and going back and forth for weeks, we use intuition while taking your preferences into account.

We look at example garden photos together and get aligned on your style preferences. 

To save on the budget, the garden is designed on the fly with plants selected at the nursery, and then planted.